As part of the coursework for Google’s UX design certificate, I created a product for social good.


The problem: Young people are at the forefront of political action against climate change but the process of running for office or creating political change is tedious, confusing and outdated.

The goal: Connect young people with resources to create political change and take action against climate change.

My role: Create the brand from scratch. Conduct UX research and design the product.

Project Duration:
April 2023 – May 2023

User research

I conducted research with youth activists to learn what they cared about, their goals, obstacles and aspirations. Most respondents wanted to take action against climate change but weren’t sure what steps to take. Those that were interested in running for office felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the available information. I wanted to demystify the process of running for office and creating political change.

I also conducted a competitive audit to see others’ approaches and where I could fill the gaps with my product’s offerings.


I began sketching, ideating, designing and creating a low-fidelity prototype. (See the low-fidelity prototype here.) 


I conducted an unmoderated, remote usability study. I found that 1. Users found the homepage confusing. Since they weren’t familiar with the organization, they wanted more info at the beginnning of the process. 2. Users wanted more guidance through the process of running for office. 3. Users wanted to know more about issues and ways to get involved other than running for office.


Based on the information I learned from the usability study, I continued to refine the design of the site. I progressed from paper wireframes to digital wireframes and then to high-fidelity wireframes and a high-fidelity prototype.

What’s next?

I plan to continue to refine the design. I am hopeful I can make this site a reality and populate it with real data to make a difference. 

Let’s talk! 

I’m an award-winning art director and designer. In my free time I enjoy taking naps,  playing the piano and spending time with my dog.