Graphic designer, art director and visual storyteller


Art Direction


Case Study: the Standard Model
The standard model of particle physics shows the fundamental units of matter organized by category. In an interactive version, viewers will see the categories, click to learn more about groups of particles, and can view the antimatter side of the model. 

Initial sketch:

I designed several iterations using brand fonts and colors (more not shown here).

We worked with a developer to build a working prototype and refine the design and language to make the interactive clear and intuitive.  

See the finished product here.

Graph created with flourish for Science News
I created this map using excel data, custom CSS and CARTO. A modified version ran in Science News' domestication feature.

I created this map, showing the annexation of Columbia, Missouri, using a KMZ file from the city, custom CSS and CARTO. It ran in Vox Magazine as part of a package about the city's growth.

Interactive timeline created for the Columbia Missourian with TimelineJS.